Absolutely lovely 13.2hds Haffie-type mare, 17 years old.


Fantastic, non-spooky hacker, great in all traffic. A little bit rusty on the flat as she has been schooled by children, but she is not naughty, no buck, rear or funny business, just a wrong canter lead and wrong bend – typical for a fun pony and will soon polish up with a bit of work! Jumps a little fence, has competed at local shows for years.


£1250 (we can accept another in part-exchange if it helps)

Not a super-star, just a safe, healthy and robust pony who has seen plenty of life and isn't worried about much. Will easily carry an adult, she's a proper leg at each corner, ideal share for the family!

She's not a bad mannered pony, but she's never been put in her place so she can be a bit of a space invader, though there's no malice in her at all.


Easy to keep, lives off fresh air, no vices, this is a sound, healthy pony with no health issues. Oh, and what a fabulous colour!

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