After the success of Cyprian and the blessed Nico, another non-existant horse was offered to me.

I couldn't resist having a little fun with this scammer. He took me by surprise as he did actually ring me on my mobile phone. Although his English was excellent, he still made enough of the typical scammer mistakes which thankfully, would prevent him from ever "selling" a horse to a real buyer.

He wasn't as much fun as Cyprian, he was matter of fact and it was difficult to make him jump through hoops.

I did get a few photos and he did create documents to try to get money out of me, but he wasn't lots of fun, so I quickly got bored of him and stopped replying....

Promising start, I was hoping he'd be chatty!

So what do we think of our Bay Irish Sports Mare?

Super pics, but (of course) there's a problem...

Astonishingly, he has just what i'm after! However, (yet again) there's a problem...

Oooh lovely! What do you think?

I think there's another problem....

Gosh, he has a good supply of horses! Too dear? What do you think?

Yep, you guessed right!

No problem! He is the most obliging seller i've ever dealt with. He has what I want and can help me out with the price too!

Looks like we have a deal! What an amazing seller! He really cares about his lovely Queenie doesn't he.... He wants to stay in touch. We think that could be a problem don't we!

It's time to stop this foolishness and simple emailing. It's time you made a bit of an effort now, Tony!

No no no! We want documents! Enough of your easy peasy emails! We want more!

Well he's lazy! He wants the money and no effort!
All he's going to get from me is NO money for lots of effort.....
Come on Tony, lets see your document making skills...
OOOOh, bit of a challenge here! 
Better give him a bit of a nudge and stop this fooling around...
Finally.... and he covers his back by warning me about the "amendment". What do you think?
You've guessed it! A MASSIVE problem for us...
Ahh! Well that explains it then! For a moment I thought I was getting a Vanner! And that document we've been waiting for arrives so we have the proof that my Freisian from Ireland is duly registered in my name. We'll ignore the fact the original document was from Florida, our Queenie has an Irish Society just for her!
Have you noticed something a bit strange?
Time to push this matter on... I need Queenie for a gift, and I push for another document because i'm pretty disappointed with his efforts so far!
No way is he falling for that old one! He wants the money first!
Here comes the big explanation why I have to part with the money! He's already taken Queenie to the delivery company you see! And look... A special gift for my brothers birthday, wonder what it could be!
Well he's happy for £700 up front and pay the shipping company the rest when our lovely Queenie arrives! I'm so excited!!! And a surprise is also on the way! Ooooh... 
I think we've found another little snag though.... And you know I like documents!
One last try to get a shots certificate! Come on Tony! Lets see what shots Queenie has had!
Success!!! I didn't know you could examine horses for vaccinations, but never mind. I'm slightly disappointed as this scammer didn't make much effort for the money he wasn't getting. What do you think?
Yep! A BIG problem here....
Sadly, I lost interest in Tony, he babbled on for a couple more emails, but he wasn't jumping through any more hoops so I turned him loose!