The Horse Industry

After over 30 years in the horse industry, we've seen quite a lot of changes. Dealers come and go, buyers, sellers - they all change but the horses stay the same. A horse can only be a horse and you know you have the right one when he happily does the job you want. 


Horses are great levellers. We're resigned to the fact that however talented a horse may appear to be, if he doesn't enjoy the job you want him to do, you're fighting a losing battle. A mediocre horse will shine like a star if he is asked to do a job he is capable of and enjoys. And why not? A few "problem horses" are just good horses in disguise because they are doing the wrong job - either because they are physically incapable or mentally not enjoying or understanding the work. The best part of our job is selling to the right home. A happy horse makes a happy owner. You may be astonished at the reasonable prices we ask compared to other dealers. We are able to do this because we are offered horses from people to whom the monetary consideration is secondary to getting the horse into the right home. We believe this is our strongest attribute, because over the years, we've built trusting relationships with everyone who's dealt with us. 


So what happens when you sell your horse to a dealer?


Obviously, we can't speak for other traders. We can only tell you what we do. It's often a very upsetting time when an owner is forced to sell their horse, and most people need the process completed in the shortest time. We aim to get horses here without delay to keep the anguish and upset to a minimum.


Ours is a small yard here where we live in Cheshire. We have only one part-time staff and a Saturday girl, otherwise the yard is run by family members. We don't aim to quickly sell vast quantities of horses. As genuine horse lovers, it's great to be able to work with them on a daily basis. In the Summer, each horse will have a small grass paddock, sometimes 2 will share. We work them lightly each day and try them with different things to get insight into what that horse is happy to do. We hack them, flatwork them, jump them, road test them and this enables us to build up a picture of the perfect new owner. The best part about having a small yard is that we are able to devote so much time into getting to know these horses. We take lots of photographs and videos so we can convey so much more to you about each horse. 


Some horses are sold relatively quickly, but this is usually due to luck with the right new owner coming forward! If getting the best price is high in your priorities we probably can't help you. If getting the best new home and situation for your horse or pony is the most important, then we definitely can!

All horses are signed OUT of the foodchain.


We are members of the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) this is your assurance that you can expect a quality service in all your dealings with us. We aim to exceed the BETA Code of Conduct for Horse Dealers.