Check their teeth!

I'm afraid i've been neglecting this area of the website for a while, so I thought i'd update with something worthy.... Teeth!

Our lovely homebred mare "Poppy" showed signs of being uncomfortable in her mouth around the age of 5. She has always had regular checks, but when she got to the age of 7, her mouth revealed a few disturbing secrets that had been underlying. She got to a stage where she was unrideable as we couldn't figure out why she had got so disagreeable with a bit in her mouth. Wolf teeth removal didn't help, but they revealed other issues were coming into play. Eruption of extra teeth on her lower jaw, with no upper teeth to oppose them were causing ulceration of her upper jaw, and to complicate things even further, Diastemata (gaps) were allowing impaction of feed to cause infection in her gums.

Last month our vets referred her to Leahurst and we were hoping for a solution, but sadly, it's going to be a case of management rather than a real fix

until a time when it's possible to remove her extra teeth!

Here's a CT image of one of her extras!

Poor Poppy eh!

Horses are troopers really; They'll put up with a lot and keep going without complaint. Poppy has always been opinionated and she wasn't prepared to work with an unhappy mouth and made she we knew she wasn't happy! But thankfully, we know now and can ensure we keep on top of her issues.

Learn from our experience, and if your horse is trying to tell you something, open your ears.

On a happier note, here's Poppy back in work and enjoying herself on the beach the other day!

Chestnut mare!

Chestnut mare!

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