Things are finally going quiet on the selling front, though there seems no end of owners wanting to send young horses in to get them started.

Normally at this time of year, we get out and do a bit of Drag Hunting. Unfortunately, my lovely Simon was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome last month after having a month of slight lameness. It was a devastating blow really, we bred Simon and I rely on him to look after me out hunting (or whatever else we do). I came across a lovely mare "Heather" who, it seems, will be staying at least a while and i'm afraid i've gone completely against vets advice for Simon and have taken the plunge and had his shoes removed for the last time. He's the only one of our home-breds who has been shod in recent years and for selfish reasons of my own, Simon has never been given the time he needed to get him out of shoes for good. Being unable to ride him due to his condition, he's forced my hand and is now barefoot like the rest of our gang.

You might see me leading him around Lowton carrying his boots around his neck! He must be walked in hand lots to encourage his feet to recover and grow!

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