For the love of horses..

I don't know why, but over the last few months we've had quite a few older horses offered to us. All lovely animals with so much to give to a new owner and from heartbroken former owners who've had to make big changes and no longer have room in their lives for a horse.

We've created a page especially for Veteran horses and we're going to see what kind of reaction we get. I realise not everyone wants a mature horse - each to their own, but there are a lot of people out there who want to ride when they want and not because they feel they have to. A healthy veteran is ideal and of course, will be priced to attract the right new owner.

Have a look at our Sy, he's quite a gentleman and thriving on a bit of work, and of course, our fat Betty, we've had lots of fun with her over the last few weeks and she's Dressaging tomorrow with Tamzlin aged 12.

Some good times for these horses.

Here's Sugar, she was homed recently and aged 22, she's giving lots of confidence to her new owner.


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