A little update....

I hope everyone is managing to navigate around the new site!

The old site was difficult to edit, I was really struggling with it so took the plunge and built a brand new one myself. I'm glad I did, this is much easier for a technophobe!

You've probably noticed we don't have many horses advertised for sale at the moment....

Actually we do have a few but i've not put them on the website yet as we're still testing them and they're not quite ready for sale. We're finding at the moment that most are going before we get the chance to advertise them so do please let us know if you're looking for anything specific.

Next week is a very busy week for us, our Rebel is going to the vets for a couple of days (I didn't know Donkeys needed a general aneasthetic for a castration operation), it's the Cheshire Show on Tuesday and Wednesday and Tiff is competing both days! We'll be cheering the Cheshire Drag Hunt on in the relay (I lost my voice cheering them on last year!), Friday we're doing worm counts at Somerford. In between times we're expecting several new horses to arrive!



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