Jigsaw 15hds heavy Irish cob gelding, 7 years old.


Very striking and unusually marked with his "Medicine Hat", Jigsaw is a unique horse.


Nicely schooled on the flat, a good jumper, super hacker and solid in traffic



Jig has done lots of hacking with his last owner. Prior to that, he loved cross country!


He has a quiet temperament and is kind and gentle in the stable. He loves to be groomed and fussed over. He stands patiently whilst he has a bath or is tidied up.


He is an excellent weight carrier and will take in excess of 15st so would make a share horse for a family.

Horses with Medicine Hats are said to have special powers!

Jigsaw may not be the most handsome and he's certainly built for comfort rather than speed. He is, however, a very willing soul who only wants to please you.


He is friendly and enjoys human company. He doesn't fret when he's in on his own.

Jig had a fabulous time on Formby Beach!


He loaded and travelled faultlessly!


He was impeccable all day!

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