We never buy horses or ponies in auctions, nor do we import from all parts of the globe. There are wonderful horses for sale right here under our noses and we much prefer to buy from someone we can communicate with who can tell us all we need to know in order to find their horse the next right owner. We carefully assess every horse who passes through our hands. Most people find their way to our website because they want a genuine home for their horse or they want to buy on a budget. We're quite sure you will not find horses & ponies better priced than ours. Our philosophy is that we would rather ask a very reasonable price and tempt lots of buyers, thus giving us the best chance of the RIGHT new owner, than ask a higher price and have less potential new homes. This system works well for us as we get offered lots of genuine animals from people who know their horse is destined for the right new home once they're with us. We work quietly with our horses and ascertain what job they would be happiest doing. The best horse in the World is worthless doing a job he dislikes. A mediocre animal is a star when asked to do what he enjoys and is capable of. There is no rocket science, just funnelling horses towards a future doing what they like with people who adore them. Easy.


Local horses. We get most of the horses we have in to sell from people we know or friends of friends. We're well known in our local area for carefully selling on temptingly priced, lovely animals.



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