**New Arrival**


14hds Blagdon cob gelding, rising 10 years old. First time out of the stable since he arrived and the first time he's been ridden in 3 months so we were ready for anything in this wind! I was so shocked at his calm, “can do” attitude, it's clear he's had some schooling, he's just a bit rusty. He has a natural balance and comfortable paces and started to look for a contact, though he soon became tired as he's not been in work.

We braved the wind to see how he hacks out and again, were pleasantly surprised that this super little horse never worried at all. He is excellent in traffic, not spooky, very happy to go out on his own and really enjoyed going.

I'm sure he's going to make a smashing all-rounder, he's a terrific weight carrier so would be ideal for a family of multiple riders but what a great asset he would make to a riding school.

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