The most important part of a youngsters career is the very beginning.

Too many people out there claim to be experts,  they have different techniques which seem to vary wildly. We’re good old fashioned “Nagsmen” with very many years of experience with young horses.

At one end of the scale we get virtually untouched (literally) and at the other end of the scale are the ones people have run into trouble with and are looking for a solution.


If we’re good at our job, we don’t need to sing our own praises, we let our clients do that for us! Ask around, we don’t need to publish Testimonials.


BOOK EARLY! We have a waiting list!



We have fabulous facilities for working young horses. 2 menages, a covered yard, an indoor school, horse walker, indoor and outdoor stabling, a round pen and post & rail paddocks. All stables are rubber matted and the isolation boxes are fitted with mirrors. For the security of your horse, the entire property is covered by CCTV though of course, Pocket Nook Farm is our home and we are on-site 24-7

Before your horse leaves, you will be invited to see him at work so you can see where your horse is up to with his training. Your horse will be hacked on the lanes and worked in the school in walk, trot and canter. Occasionally (if you wish), your horse will be introduced to small jumps.


After a demonstration, we like to get you on board for some brief instruction on how to continue the education once you have your horse back home.


The vast majority of horses progress uneventfully once they go home. Don't forget, we are on the end of the phone and if you're worried about any aspect of your horses' training, don't struggle, just give us a call.

For more information please call Matthew on 07580 296470 or John 07816 125919